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  • يانمار وقود فلتر 129907-55800 12990755800

    يانمار وقود فلتر 129907-55800 12990755800

    يانمر الوقود فلتر 129907-55800 ما يعادل Fleetguard FF165. رقم الجزء: 129907-55800 ، 12990755800 اسم القطعة: فلتر الوقود العلامة التجارية: يانمار

  • فلتر زيت تويوتا 90915-YZZD2

    Toyota Oil Filter 90915-YZZD2 90915YZZD2 15601-13051

    تويوتا فلتر الزيت 90915-YZZD2 يعادل Fleetguard LF3335 ، Baldwin BT223 ، Chrysler 2647020 ، Lister 201-55370 ، Onan 122-0645 ، تويوتا 15601-13051. رقم الجزء: 90915-YZZD2 ، 90915YZZD2 اسم القطعة: فلتر الزيت العلامة التجارية: تويوتا

  • Fleetguard فلتر الوقود FF5045

    Fleetguard Fuel Filter FF5045 John Deere AR86745 RE27091

    تعادل فلتر الوقود Fleetguard FF5045 John Deere AR86745، RE27091، Allis Chalmers 4036432. رقم الجزء: FF5045 اسم القطعة: فلتر الوقود العلامة التجارية: Fleetguard

  • Fleetguard فلتر الهواء AF55309

    Fleetguard فلتر الهواء AF55309 لمحرك الكمون

    تعادل فلتر الهواء Flefguard AF55309 Baldwin PA31001 ، CUMMINS 5261252 ، WIRTGEN 2217026. رقم الجزء: AF55309 جزء الاسم: فلتر الهواء العلامة التجارية: Fleetguard

  • Fleetguard فلتر الهواء AF26614

    Fleetguard فلتر الهواء AF26614 AA90145

    يعادل Fleetguard Air Filter AF26614 Fleetgaurd AA90145 ، 13102-911218. رقم الجزء: AF26614 جزء الاسم: فلتر الهواء العلامة التجارية: Fleetguard Models:FR80G, SC130.8

  • Fleetguard فلتر الهواء AF26389

    Fleetguard فلتر الهواء AF26389

    يعادل Fleetguard Air Filter AF26389 KHD (KLOCKNER-HUMBOLDT-DEUTZ) 1319142 ، Mann C14200. رقم الجزء: AF26389 جزء الاسم: فلتر الهواء العلامة التجارية: Fleetguard

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Features and maintenance of Perkins generator set

Features and maintenance of Perkins generator set

Perkins is one of the first companies in the world to produce engine companies. Founded in 1932, Perkins has an annual production capacity of nearly 400,000 engines. The engines produced with diesel and natural gas fuels have been widely promoted and applied in various industries due to their economical, reliability and durability advantages. In order to enable our users to have a deeper understanding of our products, we now introduce the knowledge of Parkinson diesel generator maintenance. 1, the maintenance of the cooling system The new unit of the Perkins diesel generator set should be filled with coolant before starting. When filling, the deflation valve of the upper cooling system of the engine should be opened, and the coolant should be slowly added to the engine from the water supply port of the radiator tank until there is no air bubble and then discharged from the vent valve. The coolant should be filled below the neck of the radiator tank and should not be overfilled. After filling, the deflation valve is closed and the door on the water filter mount is opened to allow the DCA4 additive to mix into the cooling system. The cooling liquid used in the cooling system should mainly consist of pure water, antifreeze and DCA4 additive. Each liter of coolant contains 50% pure water, 50% antifreeze and 0.5 unit DCA4 additive. The well-equipped coolant can be used all year round and can be used continuously for two years. Pure water can be prevented from forming scale due to purification. Antifreeze refers to industrial ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, which can lower the freezing point of water and increase the boiling point of water. The concentration of antifreeze should be 40%. 68%, too high or too low concentration will affect the antifreeze ability of the coolant. In most climatic conditions, the recommended concentration of antifreeze is 50%, and the freezing point of the coolant can reach -33cC. The DCA4 additive forms a protective film on the inner surface of the water system to prevent cavitation and block deposits in the liner and body. 2, maintenance of the lubrication system SH grade oil; when the ambient temperature is lower than -5°C, use 10W-30CF4, CG4, CF4/SG, or CG4/SH grade oil. B and C series engines must use CF4/SG or CG4/SH grade oil. Our company mainly produces filters, Fuel Pump, Oil Pump, Belt, AVR, Electronic Actuator, Electronic Governor, Stop Solenoid, Generator Starting Controller, Oil Pressure sender, Switch, Sensors, Radiator, Alternator, Starter, Turbocharger, Meters, Truck Parts, Bus Parts, Other generator parts and Engine spare parts

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